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26th Oct 2013
Placed fourth in Open Midland class at National Championships. See Photos »

8th Feb 2014
Karl will again be visiting Highgrove to compete in the "Patron’s Competition" – an invitation-only event, hosted by HRH Prince Charles, Patron of the National Hedge Laying Society.

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Hedges: Before & After Laying

This page has been created to show what a hedge looks like pre and post laying, As you can see below the size and hedge type can vary greatly. If you have a hedge but are unsure if it's suitable just get in contact with me.


Garmston Hedgelaying - before. Holly and Hazel garden hedge

Garmston before (above)

Garmston Hedge - after. Midlands style hedgelaying

Garmston after (above. Midlands style hedgelaying)

This short length can be found at the top end of Bennetts Lane in the village of Garmston, near Leighton on the Shrewsbury/Ironbridge road. A garden hedge growing out into the lane, and lacking any growth in the bottom. The photographs show "before" and "after".


Tibberton Hedgelaying - before

Tibberton before (above)

Tibberton Hedgelaying - after

Tibberton after (above. Midlands style hedgelaying)

(This garden hedge is on private land and so cannot be viewed!). This hawthorn hedge had been neglected for many years and had grown both up and out, taking both light and space from the garden. The photographs show one section "before" and "after".

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