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26th Oct 2013
Placed fourth in Open Midland class at National Championships. See Photos »

8th Feb 2014
Karl will again be visiting Highgrove to compete in the "Patron’s Competition" – an invitation-only event, hosted by HRH Prince Charles, Patron of the National Hedge Laying Society.

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Hedgelaying in Australia

Over the past decade I have made several trips "down under" assisting in a revival in hedge laying, first in Tasmania, and then in New South Wales. In more temperate parts of Australia the English settlers in the nineteenth century planted hedges of English hawthorn. They also took with them the skill of hedge laying. Although hedge laying then died out, many hedges survived, and there is now new interest in their conservation.

In contrast to a winter hedge laying in the UK, hedging in Australia is typically under a blue sky, and temperatures usually above 10 degrees.

Two of my Tasmanian students are now well-established hedge laying contractors, and can be found on www.sticksandstones.net.au

Images of hedging in Australia

James Boxhall hedgelaying in Tasmania

One of my Australian pupils, James Boxhall of Meander working at Chudleigh, N.W. Tasmania. Note gum trees in background, and snow on the tops of the Great Western Tiers. The hedge is all English hawthorn, planted in the nineteenth century. Note grey lichen on bark. Photo taken July 2004.

Hedgelaying Tasmania

Tasmanian hedgelayers James Boxhall (on right) and Andrew Garner alongside some of their work July 2012

Hedgelaying Southern Highlands (Australia)

Southern Highlands, New South Wales June 2012. Novice hedge layers James, Ian and Carolyn.

Southern Highlands completed hedge

Southern Highlands – completed hedge June 2012

Hedge coming into leaf

The same hedge as pic 4, coming into leaf October 2012 (Photo C. Sellick)

Butcher bird on laid hedge

A butcher bird rests on the finished hedge

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